Friday, 17 June 2016

Empty classroom day!

 Year 2 had a wonderful and enchanting morning making their own fairy and elf village. I witnessed such wonderful learning and teamwork this morning, it was fantastic! The children planned their village and thought carefully about the size that everything would need to be. The village has its own gated entrance along with many intricate fairy and elf homes. The village even has its own well for a water supply, a fairy hospital (for broken wings of course) and a power station! This led to some wonderful story telling, knot tying, digging in mud as well as excellent collaboration and creativity. We used maths to estimate and measure sticks for house structures as well as lots of negotiation over which leaves might provide the most suitable canopy. I am sure this will inspire some wonderful writing next week.

    Before we started we shared the book 'Just Imagine' discussing what it would be like to be small!

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