Thursday, 16 July 2015

It's good to be different!

Today in Class 2, we listened to the story, 'The Hueys in The New Jumper' by Oliver Jeffers and talked about how we are all different, we do different and that is good!

Then we all made our own Huey and made sure he was different from everyone else's.

We gave our Huey a face.
Then we found him a jumper, gave him a name and decided what our Huey was good at.

We drew lots of different hats first to decide which would be the best design for our Huey.
Then we discussed how we could turn our designs into a hat for our Huey and had a go at making it.

Don't our Huey's look fantastic! Ms Jones was most impressed because everyone had a try. We all have a named peg in our class to hold our wow things.

Our Huey's are staying in school to look after our class over the summer and in September they will be our thinking buddies. Wow, look at this amazing top hat made with excellent DT skills!

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